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  • 美原乗馬クラブスタッフ

お知らせ❗ Notice❗















★ グループレッスンが期間の間できなくなります。









In response to the state of emergency

The Mihara Horse Club will operate from January 21st (Thursday) to February 7th (Sunday) with a preventive measure against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection by declaring a state of emergency. ..

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

As an infection prevention measure

★ Wear a mask * The mask can be taken off during lessons

★ Thorough hand sanitizer

★ Temperature measurement

★ If you or your family travels, you will not be able to book lessons for one week after returning home.

★ If you are sick, have a cold, or have a fever, you cannot enter or leave the club (including yourself and your family members).

Regarding reservation

★ Please make a reservation one week in advance

★ The reservation will be temporarily reserved, and the staff will contact you again for this reservation.

★ If you or your family members become close contacts, please be sure to cancel your reservation.

Regarding lessons, horse care, etc.

★ Group lessons will not be available during this period.

★The system of the two part training will also change, so if you would like to do so, please contact the instructor.

★Please enter 10 minutes before the lesson begins.

★After the lesson, Please return home quickly for the next customer.

★We will be closing the gates at Mihara after the last lesson at 17:00.

★During this time, we cannot accept the help from the members.

We are so sorry for all the restrictions that we are giving you. If you are visiting Mihara, please fill out the visiting form. Thank you for your understanding.





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